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What's Your Finish Line?

100% Online Coaching

Reach your fitness goals with a virtual running coach & virtual physical therapist

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Scott Millman

Meet Your Coach

We offer multiple coaching plans so you can find the right option for you. Our coaching plans are designed to be virtual so we can work with anyone, anywhere.

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Step 1:

Choose from our collection of plans or create a custom plan that fits your fitness goals. After checkout well then send you an email to schedule a virtual meeting. This consultation can take 30 - 45 min. 

Tying Shoelaces

Step 2:

During your consultation, you will meet with your coach to discuss your fitness history, current fitness regimen, and level. We’ll do a complete evaluation to determine your strengths and weaknesses as a runner and we will evaluate your goals and determine how to best advance you toward them. Feel free to share any additional information you think will be beneficial for you coach to know before constructing a fitness plan. This could include any pre-planned trips, scheduled races, dietary restrictions, injuries, time restraints, etc.

Step 3:

After the consultation, your coach will get started on designing your fitness plan. Your new program will be emailed to you along with other helpful worksheets, charts, tips and tricks. Then, you’re off and running towards your finish line!

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Custom Made For Your Fitness Goals

Weekly Running Coach Plan

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Unsupported Running Coach Plan


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Monthly Running Coach Plan



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Supported Running Coach Plan


A Fitness Coach isn't just for elite athletes. Any level athlete who wants to improve their fitness goals, nutrition, prevent injuries, or overall fitness level can benefit from a fitness coach. Get in your best shape to achieve all your fitness goals.

Whats Your Fitness Goal

"Scott changed my life as a player and a person. He coached our team (South Lyon High School) with a respectful, motivational, fun attitude and at the same time, held us to a very high standard to achieve our team goals. He led us to placing in tournaments, and to undefeated seasons. My skills as an athlete and as a team player improved tremendously with Scott's coaching and because of this, I was elected to be a captain for our Livonia Meteors team."

Kelly Turek

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