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Improve Your Performance

100% Online Coaching

Transform your life with a virtual physical therapist

physical therapy session
physical therapy session using a medicine ball
physical therapy strengthening session
physical therapy session with a young child
Physical therapy session assessing male athletes knee

What Is Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) is care that aims to ease pain and help you function, move, and live better. For runners, this could mean faster times, injury prevention, better balance, and the ability to run longer distances. 

Fitness equipment - dumbbells, kettleball, band, and mat

Virtual Physical Therapy

Virtual Physical Therapy sessions are a great alternative when you are stuck at home, unable to commute to physical therapy, traveling for work, vacationing, working long hours, or need some guidance at home.

Virtual Physical Therapy is the perfect way to supplement your plan of care to ensure continuity of treatment and avoid any setbacks.

Virtual Physical Therapy Program

Exercise Ball
Stretching and strengthening

Everything will be done virtually via Zoom (a free user-friendly video chat platform that can be accessed on your phone, tablet, or laptop).

If you have a serious injury, our physical therapist will work with a team of doctors and other professionals to assist with your treatments to help you get back to feeling 100%. Our treatment plan, will get you back to full function faster than without the guidance of a Physical Therapist.

Laura Millman Physical Therapist

Meet Your Coach

We offer a stretching-focused program, a strengthening-focused program, and an injury prevention-focused program on a weekly or monthly basis.


We also offer an option to combine more than one program so you can find the right option for you.


Our coaching plans are designed to be virtual so we can work with anyone, anywhere.

Step 1

Are you looking to solely focus on physical therapy or incorporate it into one of our coaching plans? 

We'll begin with conducting an Initial Evaluation before developing a physical therapy program for you. You can choose which program you want before or after your initial evaluation.


After checkout, we'll then send you an email to schedule a virtual meeting. This consultation can take 30 - 45 min.

Virtual physical therapy session
virtual physical therapy session with male adult
virtual physical therapy session with a male senior

Step 2

During your Initial Evaluation, you will meet with your physical therapist to discuss your fitness history, current fitness regimen, and level. We'll do a complete evaluation to determine your strengths and weaknesses as an athlete and we will evaluate your goals and determine how to best advance you toward them. Feel free to share any additional information you think will be beneficial for your PT coach to know before starting a physical therapy program for you. This could include any pre-planned trips, scheduled events, dietary restrictions, injuries, time restraints, etc.

virtual therapy session with young female adult
physical therapy with band
Physical therapy
virtual physical therapy session with young male adult

Step 3

After the consultation, your PT coach will get started on designing your physical therapy program. Your new program will be emailed to you along with other helpful worksheets, charts, tips, and tricks. Then you are off becoming a better version of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically.

If you are dealing with a serious or life-threatening situation please contact your healthcare provider or seek immediate medical assistance.

Physical therapist working on balance with senior male

Custom Made For Your Fitness Goals

Initial Evaluation

physical therapy session


two males stretching on yoga mats outside

Stretching Program

$25 - 90

physical therapy

Injury Prevention Program

$25 - 90


strengthing with band

Strengthening Program

$25 - 90

Physical Therapy
Strength Training
Injury Prevention
Body Mechanics
Optimal Performance

A Fitness Coach isn't just for elite athletes. Any level athlete who wants to improve their fitness goals, nutrition, prevent injuries, or overall fitness level can benefit from a fitness coach. Get in your best shape to achieve all your fitness goals.

Whats Your Fitness Goal

"Laura has been working with me for a few months and she is amazing. She is so sweet and gentle-mannered. Physical therapy has really helped in my recovery."

Tyler S.

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