Is Being Self-Conscious Holding You Back?

Updated: Jan 22

Are you self-conscious about running in public?

"Danger wide load" self conscious runner

Some people love running, while others despise it but do it anyway. Ask yourself, is your weight holding you back. Do you feel self-conscious about running in public because of your body, or you'll look slow, or silly? Certainly understandable if you don't want others to see you struggle. Do you loath your friends who enjoy getting " the runners high", or say running is therapy and it helps to clear their minds? All the while you think to yourself, I hate every step because my muscles hurt, or I feel like I can’t suck in enough oxygen to stop my lungs from burning.

Just like you, I have asked myself, "why on earth would anyone ever want to do this?"

Well, to answer that question, running is a great way to lose those excess pounds and keep them off. So, let's get into it, starting one step at a time! The first time is always the most challenging.

Take the first step

5 Tips for runners to overcome being self-conscious

This is about overcoming your fears and understanding this is a process. Don't be worried about what other people might think. Think positively. Focus on you. Be proud that you are overcoming your fear, getting out there, and reap the positive benefits.

Note: Before starting any type of exercise, you should meet with your doctor. Make sure your doctor gives you the thumbs up before starting any physical activities. Maybe suggest to your doctor getting a full bloodwork panel done to establish a baseline.

Got the all-clear?


Now What?

2. Running Attire

What does your current workout attire look like? Does it need an update? Feeling comfortable in the clothes you are going to be running in can make all the difference. It can help you overcome being self-conscious. Here are some things to consider when shopping for athletic clothes. Start by getting yourself some comfortable running (workout) clothes. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the latest wicking quick dry name brand products. Have you considered compression gear? You should. It offers support, breathability and prevents chaffing. Now the most important thing when it comes to running is protecting your feet. Get a good pair of shoes. A local running store can help educate and advise you on what running shoes to get.

TIP: It’s not about the name brand it's about the fit. Don’t buy something because it worked for a friend. Find what works for you.

3. Start Walking