Physical Therapy for Runners: Why, When, Where, What, Who

5 W’s for Runners Seeking Physical Therapy

Who should seek physical therapy?

What type of physical therapy should I seek?

Where should I seek physical therapy?

When should I seek physical therapy?

Why should I seek physical therapy?

Who Should Seek Physical Therapy?

Any runner of any age or level. Running is a great way to stay in shape but it doesn’t come without its consequences. Injuries are inevitable and come with the territory whether it's shin splints or stress fractures, a pulled muscle or twisted ankle, etc. These injuries shouldn’t deter you from the sport, in fact, they should be the reason for seeking physical therapy to prevent that stuff from happening.

Physical therapy comes in all forms, from intensive care and recovering from surgery to regularly stretching and strengthing muscles to prevent injuries.

What Type of Physical Therapy Should I Seek?

The type of physical therapy you should seek should be based on your goals. This could be trying to improve your form, flexibility, balance, endurance, strength, injury recovery, injury prevention, etc.

Establishing your goals and communicating those to your physical therapist will help with developing the best plan for you. Plans are personalized to the client so to determine the type of physical therapy methods you need a goal first.

Where Should I Seek Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy can take place in person or virtual. Physical therapy is offered in a variety of settings including:

  • At Home

  • Assisted Living

  • Cardiac Rehab Centers

  • Hospital

  • Nursing Home

  • Outpatient Clinic