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Reach Your Fitness Goals

100% Online Coaching

Reach your fitness goals with a virtual running coach & virtual physical therapist

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Scott Millman Running Coach

Meet Your Coach

Select a coaching plan that works for you. After checkout you'll receive an email to setup a 30- 45 min consultation via Zoom. Meet your coach and see if you click. What works for one person may not work for another.

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Create Your Coaching Plan

We build workouts to fit:

  • Your fitness goals

  • Your body & injuries

  • Your schedule

Your coach will:

  • Track your progress

  • Provide Feedback

  • Provide Resources

  • Understand what's working

  • Find areas to improve

  • Help drive results

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Accountability & Motivation

Stay motivated with daily support and optional live video sessions with your fitness coach. When life happens you can count on your coach to have your back.​

What We Offer

We offer a customized program that is better than a generic program. We provide a coach, a trusted partner you can count on in your journey to be better. We believe all runners deserve the same personal attention and expert advice.

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A Fitness Coach isn't just for elite athletes. Any level athlete who wants to improve their fitness goals, nutrition, prevent injuries, or overall fitness level can benefit from a fitness coach. Get in your best shape to achieve all your fitness goals.

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Episode 52: Interview with Scott Millman - RRCA Coach & Ultrarunner

Scott Millman is a fellow RRCA certified coach, is an avid ultra-marathoner, and has completed numerous distances from 50k to 100k with his eye on completing 100 miles in 2022. He is also a Master Golf Professional. 

We talk about Scott's fitness journey, why he wanted to become a running coach, as well as overcoming recent injuries and nutrition struggles that have impacted his ultrarunning.


Jul. 8th 2022

T.R.A.C - What is it & how does it help mental health?

"My daughter and I have commented numerous times that the initial foundation and love she developed for the game came from Scott. He had the ability to get the best out of my daughter, he challenged her when she needed it and pushed her to use her strengths athletically in the game itself."

Sabrina Pollock

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